Improve the world with healthy food & nutrition.


Structurally help optimize the food chain and thus make a significant contribution to the prevention and reduction of diseases and health disorders.

Sustainable Food Fund

Independent sustainable growth investors Pulsar Network Capital, which specializes in healthy & sustainable food and nutrition, manages the Sustainable Food Fund: a new impact investment fund with a fund capital of €75 million (capped at €100 million). It is the first growth capital fund in Europe with a 100{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59} focus on healthy and sustainable food.

We aim to achieve our mission by investing in 15 to 25 innovative growing companies in the market segments:
•  Sustainable food
•  Sustainable nutrition
•  Sustainable nutraceuticals
•  Sustainable foodtech
•  Sustainable agritech.

These companies will need to have the potential to provide a valuable and profitable contribution to a healthy, transparent and sustainable food chain. Because the team at Pulsar Network Capital believes that eventually this will result in a more sustainable and healthier food pattern.

That’s why the Sustainable Food Fund will only participate in promising ventures with a highly profitable business model and a focus on the creation of social and/or sustainable innovations in the international food industry.

By using our industry knowledge and hands-on investment methodology, we expect to successfully turn our portfolio companies into international players and market leaders.

The market for healthy food will grow with over 20{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59} annually and will reach US$ 1 trillion by 2017. Our new fund is one of the first specialized private equity funds in this growth market and as such offers a fruitful basis for healthy returns on investment. Besides a market conform financial return, the Sustainable Food Fund offers a measurable Return-on-Impact in four areas:
•  Sustainability
•  Social entrepreneurship
•  Innovation
•  Health.

Sustainable and structural innovations
As the world population continues to grow and since more than 75{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59} of all diseases and disorders is nutrition-related, healthy and sustainable food is becoming increasingly scarce. The current and future challenges in the food industry, healthcare and the environment, are therefore asking for sustainable, healthy and structural innovations.

Participating in ‘promising’ companies with a high yield business model and a focus on the creation of social and/or sustainable innovations will provide the required structural changes and improvements. This offers great opportunities for our fund; focused on investing in promising innovative companies, with the theme: Healthy & Sustainable Food & Nutrition.

Management Team

The Pulsar Network Capital team brings extensive experience in social impact engagements, private equity investments, venture capital, entrepreneurship, leadership and business development to focus on leading private equity, social impact investments within Western-Europe.

Our passionate, driven and experienced team members are:

Patrick Driessen (1972) – Founder & Managing Partner

Peter van Bommel (1962) – Partner & CFO

Wolter Snijder (1963) – Partner

Frank Wolterink (1965) – Investment Partner

Highlights & Unique Value

• New independent impact investment fund open for investments by family offices, HNWI’s & institutions
• Fund size: € 75 million (approx. US$ 94 million), capped at € 100 million
• First fund in Europe with a 100{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59} focus on healthy and sustainable food
• We invest in companies and solutions that engage and empower people to improve their health and well-being
• Legal structure & governance allows foreign investors
• Experienced & balanced investment team
• Theme: healthy & sustainable food and nutrition (focused on healthy ageing thus preventing and reducing sickness and chronic diseases)
• Investment target: 10-15 entry tickets (<€1M), 10 follow-on (€1-2M), 5 later-stage (€2-10M)
• Focused on turning under-performers and first-movers into international market leaders
• Providing active hands-on support to its portfolio companies
• Global healthy foods market grows to US$1 trillion by 2017 with CAGR of >20{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59}
• The value of global business opportunities in health, agriculture and other sustainability-related sectors is estimated to total as much as $10 trillion annually by the year 2050 (source)
• Headquarters and international investment team located in The Netherlands; focused on investments within a 3 hour drive or flight from Amsterdam.

Selection Criteria

What criteria do potential investment companies need to meet to qualify (eg. size/location/turnover, etc.)?
• Active in food/nutrition/foodtech/agritech, health, sustainability.
• The proposition should have a direct or indirect positive impact on improving the food chain; to help prevent and reduce sickness and chronic diseases.
• Can be qualified as first-mover or disruptive challenger.
• Strong, balanced, passionate, ambitious and experienced management team.
• Driven entrepreneur with a vision we can buy into.
• Ability to realize social and environmental impact, good governance.
• Strong and valuable partnerships within their ecosystem.
• Product: innovative/niche/first-mover, potential in international/global growing market.
• Strong barriers to entry (brand, IP, innovation, scale, control of supply or distribution, etc.)
• Potential to become category/segment leader and expand internationally / globally.
• Market size of >€500 million.
• Financials: cash-flow positive, proven sales/turnover, significant growth for the next years.
• Early-stage and growth-stage is our preferred stage.
• Company headquarters and its management team are located within a 3 hour drive/flight distance from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Key Differentiators

In what way(s) do we really differ from other growth capital investment funds?
• We have a 100{5c5b5f9fecc6bced8665238ded76dbc304e6ff74efec482ecc9393ddac09fa59} focus on healthy & sustainable food.
• We are the only fund in Europe with a prime focus on healthy & sustainable food, nutrition foodtech & agritech.
• We are sincerely driven to structurally help to optimize the food chain and thus make a significant contribution to the prevention and reduction of diseases and disorders.
• We are passionate entrepreneurial hands-on investors; we are not bankers!
• We are focused on accelerating the growth of the entrepreneur(s), the management team, the organisation and the ecosystem of the company we invest in.
• We have a balanced and experienced team, with experience, skills, capabilities and qualities in: leadership, entrepreneurship, business acceleration, people management, private equity, M&A, finance & accounting, production & operational excellence, retail, FMCG, international sales & marketing, logistics, exports, global sourcing, product development, food, nutrition, foodtech and agritech.
• We share all of our knowledge, experience, skills and contacts with the entrepreneurs we invest in.
• Besides a financial return we also offer the investors and entrepreneurs in our fund a Return-on-Impact in four areas: sustainability, social entrepreneurship, innovation and health. We measure, monitor, manage and report these impacts on a continuous basis.


The funds governance model will contribute to a successful fund management:
Investment Committee: management team Pulsar Network Capital
Impact Investment Committee: external experts with advisory role for new investment opportunities
Dealflow Committee: all investors
Advisory Board: selection of five largest investors
Medical-scientific Advisory Board: medical specialists and scientists in food, innovation & health.


The Sustainable Food Fund will comply with the guidance, rules and legislation of:
Dutch Act on Financial Supervision
Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM)
Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG)
VN Global Compact
OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises
OECD Principles of Corporate Governance
Global Corporate Governance Principles of the International Corporate Governance Network.


To enhance a fruitful ecosystem, which can support the entrepreneurs, ventures, scientists, food experts, health experts, fellow investors, medical specialists and others we work together with, these are some of the partners we work together with:
Food & health focused not-for-profits: Food Circle, StartLife, Healthy Ageing Network North Netherlands, Food Valley, European Research Institute on the Biology of Ageing, Health Valley, PPM Oost
Universities: Wageningen UR, University Medical Centre Groningen, VU University Medical Center Amsterdam, HAS University of Applied Sciences, Van Hal Larenstein University

Additional information

For more information or to request a detailed presentation, please feel free to directly contact:
Patrick Driessen – Founder & Managing Partner (+31 645099199 / patrick[at]
Peter van Bommel – Partner & CFO (+31 646606994 / peter[at]

Sustainable Food Fund investment focus